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Photographs contributed by Gary Arnold

Sony ICF-210W Airline GEN-1136B RCA RZG109-R Star-Lite 1 Murphy 152 Philco K-853 124 Variation
Philco 630 Philco 53-1754 Olympic Goldy 250 Mantola 2 Lyric 546T Motorola 51X20
Pla-Mor 681210 Fairbanks Morse 7146 Emerson 915 Emerson 756 Crosley DU-UHFP CBS/CBS Columbia 5156
Brunswick 21 Algene AR-6M Arvin 20R55 Sonic 1 Panasonic RE-787 Zenith H-422P
RCA 26BP Truetone D-3840 Detrola 383 Airline 52M2U Airline 84GCB-1062A Motorola 5R1
Crosley 11-110Y Philco NT-808-BR Wilmak W-446 Philco T9-126 Trans-World Philco RT910-BKG Philco T700-124
Philco T612-BK Philco T77-124 Philco T64-124 Philips LOX-90T Auratone 1 Silvertone 4
Dime Store Radios Sublime Dime Store Radios IDA Dime Store Radios Elite Dime Store Radios Elite Dime Store Radios Echo Dime Store Radios Invicta
Dime Store Radios Invicta Motorola 57CS Motorola 65T1 Motorola 57X Alden 114G Atwater Kent 351
Silvertone 3 Tokai CR-105 Zenith G510 Zenith 8A02 Radio Craftsmen Kitchenaire Tokai MA-911
Truetone TAE-3810A-86 Truetone MIC3007B-17 Truetone DC-3714 Truetone DC-3709 TRHIL 300 TRHIL 300
Transette KT-80 Trancel T-12 Topline KR6TS43 Toshiba RP-71 Toshiba 6C-767 Audition 125-3
Capri 8TS33 Panasonic RC-1091 Panasonic RC-1091 Bulova PTR-100 Bulova PTR-85C Bulova PTR-83
Bulova PTR-62B Bulova PTR-100B Bulova 1480 Arvin 65R98 Arvin 63R58 Arvin 62R48
Emerson P-3440BP Emerson AC-2106 Emerson 990 Emerson 911 Emerson 911 Emerson 888 Explorer
Emerson 856 Emerson 555 Emerson 31P-88 Elgin R-1000 Arvin 9562 Arvin 8576
Hi-Delity ST-600 Arleigh 621 Airline GEN-1696A Arvin 740T General Electric 557 RCA 9-Y-51
Arvin 80R47-19 Sonora 314 Admiral 20-V1 Emerson 321-AW Continental 5A Arrow (Korea) AS-732
Arrow (Korea) 350 AMC 8TR16 Aiwa AR-777 Aiwa AR-116 Airline GEN-12156A Airline GEN-1242B
Airline GEN-1241B Airline GEN-1240A Admiral Y2012 Zenith C724 Bulova 660 Bulova 840
Bulova 270 Airline 62-230 RCA 98T Continental TR-862 Westinghouse H564P4 Olympic 446
Philco 670-124 Motorola 51M2U Motorola Y909B Motorola 6P345 Motorola 56L4A Motorola 56B1A
Motorola 55L1 General Electric 645 General Electric 622 Globe 552 Zenith 4-A-40 Westinghouse H-500T5
Sterling DeLuxe Channel Master 6535 McMurdo Silver 15-17 Aircastle 3 Algene AR-5-U Dahlberg 49-C
Granco 601-U Bulova 140 Bendix 55-P4 Belknap BL-63 Belknap 791 Arvin RE-313
Arvin 840T Arvin 55R07 Arvin 12R29 Arborphone 37-AC Admiral 7T04 Admiral 6T-01
Admiral 5R-12N Westinghouse H-415P4 Silvertone 224 Silvertone 223 RCA 1-BX-67 Jewel 814
Bulova 249 Arvin RE-347 Arvin 954P1 Unknown Manufacturer 24 <br>Model 611 Westinghouse WR-303 Westinghouse B-107897
Truetone D-2108 Truetone D-2021 Zephyr (Japan) 1 Zenith B724G Zenith A2 Zenith 60614
Zenith 7-F-02 Zenith 5-R-3376 Zenith 5-G-03B Zenith 5-D-611W Westinghouse WR-12X12 Westinghouse WK-12X3
Westinghouse H-860N7 Westinghouse H-675T5 Westinghouse H-300T5 Westinghouse 1 Westinghouse 435-OT7 Val-Keen 571
Truetone D-2743 Truetone D-2562 Truetone D-2523A Truetone D-1845 Trav-Ler 56-38 Jefferson Travis MR-3
Philco 41-45 Philco 42-1002 Philco A26754 Philco F813-126 Philco TP4-475A Pla-Mor 218
Radiola 527 RCA 1-RD-53 RCA 541 RCA 8R76 RCA 9-X-572 RCA 572
RCA CX-127460 RCA RC-1001 Sentinel 275T Sentinel 275T2 Sentinel 313-1 Setchell Carlson 469
Silvertone Chassis 100.351 Silvertone 101 Silvertone 132 Silvertone 141 Silvertone 185 Silvertone 300
Silvertone 2100 Silvertone 4414 Silvertone 7110 Silvertone 8002 Silvertone 8220 Minerva W-119
Mitchell 1258 Mitchell 1258 Motorola 5T22M-1 Motorola 51R Motorola 56T5 Motorola 66-C
Namco 305 Packard-Bell 5-RC-12 Atwater Kent 475 Bulova 110 Majestic 5LA7 Majestic 1A50A
Howard 218 Clarion 12-801N Crosley 582 Crosley 15-20E General Electric 4040A General Electric 515E
General Electric 66 General Electric 180 Firestone CT-064 Firestone 4-A-78 Firestone 4-A-42 Farnsworth AT-29
Emerson AX-237 Airline 62-305 Airline 62-21T Airline 14PB-685A Stromberg Carlson 1400-H Learadio P-10A
Stromberg Carlson 1204-HM Arvin 78R89 Stewart Warner R1495A Airline GEN-1136 Philco T68-BK-G Renown 6001
Sylvania 548 RCA 7C6F3 Candle PTR-100B Precor 550 Pony CBR803 Candle PTR-100
Candle PTR-83 Motorola 66L1 Emerson CX-263 Zenith T-404 Emerson 790 Emerson 646
RCA 94-BP1 Silvertone 2202 Trav-Ler 6305 Victory W-100 Firestone 4C26 Code 120-5-P45 Airline 74BR-1053A
RCA BX-6 Zenith J514 Zenith 7G01 Sparton 8W10 RCA 6-BX-6B Motorola 56B1
General Electric 465 Airline WG-197

Photos donated by Gary Arnold.
Visit Gary's web site at

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E4  E5  F1  F2  F3  G1  G2  G3  G4  G5  H  IJ  K  L  M1  M2  M3  M4  
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