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Photographs contributed by Kevin Christopher

Westinghouse 465 Majestic Joliette Westinghouse 430A Addison 51 Stromberg-Carlson 324 Marconi 147
Northern Electric 62 DeForest Crosley Welland Northern Electric 831 Victor R39 Westinghouse 99A Westinghouse 684A
General Electric KL-60 Westinghouse 697X Electrohome Red Cross Marconi 219 Marconi 218 Marconi 231A
Westinghouse 64 Electrohome 158 Thermiodyne TF6 Philips 800 Crosley C-12 Victor 128 (made in Canada)
Packard-Bell 5M Rogers Majestic R166 Rogers Majestic R167 Westinghouse 577A General Electric JK-53 Rogers Majestic 11-52
Westinghouse 785X (made in Canada) Brunswick 11 Philco 338 (made in Canada) RCA M-45A Sparton 50249 Murphy TA-92
Grundig 1055W/3D RCA Master Nipper Crosley 12B1 Crosley 12B1 Serenader 5150 Viking 40U52E-1
Phonola Z9AC62P Philco 142 Rogers Majestic 15/43 Northern Electric 20 Crosley B640 Crosley 2840-B
Westinghouse 780-B Victor R-20 DeForest Crosley 742 Rondo Northern Electric 5116 Rogers Majestic 16-53 RCA 7Q51 (Canada)
RCA 513F (Canada) DeForest Crosley Elgar Westinghouse 60 (Canada) Westinghouse 665B Serenader SBT4 Viking 1B41-E
Silvertone 1925 Crosley 2840 Mohawk Marconi 157 RCA M46 Arvin RE281 General Electric E-53X
Westinghouse B103 Northern Electric 5800 Baby Champ Philco 35 General Electric C-427 General Electric 15R13 Marconi 216
Sparton 5242 Crosley ES-30 Addison 21 Majestic 6M1331 Queen Mary Philco 48 Serenader 567M
Philco 40 (Canada) Philco 43H Westinghouse 579 Meck 6A7 Major 66121 Westinghouse 605X
Marconi 54 Westinghouse 622-X Philco 39-3A5 Sparton 620 Silvertone 4424 General Electric JK-126
Marconi 264 Rogers Majestic 12-86 Majestic 775 Marconi 72 Pilot H-134 Marconi 143
Marconi 254FM Lafayette D15 Apex 33DC Serenader 506-6 DeForest Crosley 506A Philco 37-361
Marconi 439 Rogers Majestic 16-66 General Electric F-71 Marconi 238 Marconi 107 DeForest Crosley Knight
Northern Electric 633 Viking EMB51-429 Northern Electric 522 Stewart Warner R-454 Victor RO-112A Minerva 6-30
Westinghouse 512 Westinghouse B-826 Westinghouse 801 Rogers Majestic 11-86 Custom Phonola 9B-41P1 Stewart Warner R1866 Minerva
Rogers Majestic 1065 Marconi 135 Silvertone 4565 Stewart Warner R186-6 General Electric G-51 Silver Marshall D
Victor R104 Westinghouse Batteryless Marconi 77 Viking 1U51-1E Marconi 258 Hallicrafters 505
Philips CM32L General Electric F-52 General Electric H-61 RCA A-24 Marconi 148 Victor 118
RCA 4QV8C RCA A5 Phonola 8B51P General Electric C-601 GLF C-148 Marconi 89
General Electric C-182 Marconi 75 General Electric C-117 Viking 751E Rogers Majestic 7R651 Northern Electric 554
Stewart Warner R-421 Stewart Warner R-176 General Electric T60-CL Northern Electric 650A Rogers Majestic R-190 Rogers Majestic 10-57
Serenader 504-2 Serenader 5106 Philips P153 Philips 921 RCA 62 American Bosch 610
Lafayette C16 Philips P145 Northern Electric 632 Marconi 166 Pye 54 Viking 54-51
Marconi 159 Philips CM21L Knight E-10807 Sparton 303 General Electric JK-50 Westinghouse 622
Northern Electric 516 Radiola 61-2 General Electric C150 Marconi 181 Marconi 168 General Electric K-60
DeForest Crosley 743 Operetta RCA Nipper VII Rogers Majestic 6M531 Victory Rogers Majestic R187 Rogers Majestic R187 DeForest 837
Westinghouse 684 Northern Electric 1831 Phonola 1U51-P General Electric C-409 (about 1948) Marconi 181A General Electric JK-76
Marconi 195 Marconi 156 Marconi 187 Marconi 294 RCA 95BT General Electric A-75
Firestone S-7427-8 Northern Electric 832 Westinghouse 6T-104 All-American/ Mohawk 450 Bertman RCA Q-109 GLF 572
Westinghouse B-470 Delco 608

Photos donated by Kevin Christopher.

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E4  E5  F1  F2  F3  G1  G2  G3  G4  G5  H  IJ  K  L  M1  M2  M3  M4  
M5  NO  P1  P2  P3  P4  P5  R1  R2  R3  R4  R5  R6  S1  S2  S3  S4  S5  
S6  S7  S8  T1  T2  UV  W1  W2  W3  XZ  Z1  Z2  Z3  Z4  Z5  Z6  Z7  
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