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Photographs contributed by Ben Martin

Sylvania 511B General Electric T-2260H Emerson DB-301 Century (Japan) Mark IV CF1888 Ross Smoker Rogers Majestic R-451
Radiette 50 Motorola TT35ES Arvin 17R11 Zenith T2518 Zenith R-615 (no CD marks) Zenith R-615 (with CD marks)
Realistic 12-689 (MTA-8) Arvin Electro Zenith K508C Realistic 12-751B Realistic 12-695 Realistic 12-1474
Magnavox Mardi Gras General Electric C-1565A Zenith 6-D-815 Sony ICF-9580W Stewart Warner 13-5U3 Packard-Bell 35A
Philco 39-116RX Remote Control Packard-Bell 533 Norelco L1W22T/64 (Norelco-Philips) Nordmende Transita Musicaire 801 Motorola TC24ES
Mitchell 1262 Mirror Tone 4F8 Minerva W-117-3 Lafayette Star-Fire VI Grundig 88U Dime Store Radios Dorset
Dime Store Radios Dorset Dime Store Radios Claricon Dow 1 Breting 42A Atwater Kent TA-1 Arvin 341T
RCA 6C8C RCA 4RC84 Bendix 753MX Silvertone 6185 Philco 42-PT3 General Electric T-210A
General Electric J-62 General Electric 941 Firestone S-7397-5 Tiffany Tone 156A Trav-Ler 46-37 Silvertone 2208-09
Stromberg Carlson AR-37 Packard-Bell 88 Packard-Bell 88 Packard-Bell 46H Arvin 732 Airline 15WG-1545
Philco 37-60 Remler 5300 Remler 463 Remler 21-3 Crosley J14 Troy 67-SW
Zenith 6G601L Learadio 561 Emerson FP-422 Emerson CM267 Kadette 76X Howard 307
Gulbranson 10 Admiral 5R12 Detrola 3201 Realistic 12-101 Silvertone 3215 Sparton 538-X
Westinghouse H-400P4 Sylvania 3305TA Airline 54BR-15032A Air King Air Queen 701 Admiral 6Q13-N Kenwood TS-870 SSB Transceiver
Kenwood TS-180S SSB Transceiver Kenwood TS-120S SSB Transceiver Kenwood SP-430 Speaker Kenwood PS-50 Power Supply Kenwood PS-30 Power Supply Kenwood MC-50
Hallicrafters S-118 Hallicrafters SX-99 Hammarlund HX-50 Hallicrafters S-200 Legionnaire Hallicrafters S-19R Realistic DX-160
National SW-54 National SW-3 Model II National NC-57 Collins 32S-3 Truetone D-2801 Airline GKM703
Airline 62-425 Zenith 5-D-611 Majestic 6BO2D Jackson Bell 96 Jackson Bell 68 Emerson EP-405
Emerson 559AA Crosley 56TP-L Coronado 43-8145 Ranger Westinghouse WR-208 Emerson 833B RCA 5
Colonial 400 Motorola 5H11U Packard-Bell 46DP Andrea W-69P Amico 1771 Airline 74WG-1509
Airline 1812A Crosley 56TJ Emerson 510 Remler 10-3 Hotpoint X225H Bulova 672
Zephyr (Japan) AR-600 Grundig 100PE Aviola 601 Delco R-1234 Zenith 6-S-527 Stromberg Carlson 541
Stewart Warner A72t4 Sparton 420 Philco 40-120CI Packard-Bell 532 Sonora RBU-175 Unknown Manufacturer 25 Tiny Tim
Crosley Fiver General Electric P-975E General Electric 451A Pilot 3 General Electric J62 Emerson 14
Emerson 148 Silvertone 7032A Admiral 5C41 Admiral 4L2A RCA 3BX-672 FADA Siiesta
Minerva 114 Emerson 547A Packard-Bell 5R1 Packard-Bell 531 Phonola 1T51-P Falcon Packard-Bell 5R1
Zenith 5-D-627 Emerson 21 Gilfillan 5AD-W Silvertone 9011 Airline 93BR-420B Emerson 5152
Emerson 540A Rola Re-Creator 3 Horn Speaker Magnavox M-4A Horn Speaker Emerson BF-405 Patriot Amplex De-Xer General Electric J62
Stewart Warner 0-1-6G1 Pilot G674 Packard-Bell 36 Philco 60B (Late) Splitdorf R-500 Emerson 507
Emerson BF-207 Philco 37-610 Gilfillan 6U Gilfillan 402T Knight 5015 Monarch (Japan) RE-5-1
Unknown Manufacturer 19 General Electric P830 General Electric 1710A Sharp QT-5W Panasonic RF-900 Jackson Bell Tiffany Tone
Encore 518 Arvin 818 Philco 42-PT92 Emerson 13 Crosley 28 Sony 7F82W
Zenith 6-D-612 Silvertone 4572 Motorola 56XA1 Emerson 217 Automatic 660 Remler Minuette
General Electric 860 Lionel 1 Panasonic RE-7257 Firestone 4-A-11 Motorola 1 Packard-Bell 566
Kadette 1 Sonora WEU-262 Sparton GAM-26A Dictograph B20 Silent Radio Imperial 1 RCA 2
RCA 55X12 Silvertone R1181 Silvertone 1906 Longines 1561 Crosley 5M3 Emerson 100A
Duette 1 Sony TR-84 Bulova 140 Packard-Bell 5R6 Packard-Bell 5FP Emerson 876
Airline 62-370 Pla-Pal 1 Philco 610 FADA 31L Brunswick 10 Zenith 5Y01
Aircastle 1 Telefunken Gavotte 7 RCA 86T1 Viscount 1660 Zenith 5-S-622 Emerson 594
Emerson 713-A Packard-Bell 100A Panasonic RE-744 Zenith 5-D-610 Philco 38-62T Stewart Warner R-1801A
Silvertone 1962 Zenith 3 Silvertone 2 Silvertone 2 RCA 6-BX-6 Guild 556 Country Belle
Trav-Ler 5170 Philco 370 Emerson 512 Remler 54 Packard-Bell 5R1 Airline 62-235
Sony ICF-9740W Philco B956 Trav-Ler 55C44 Trav-Ler 5091-A Emerson 541B Coronado 43-8352
Arvin 853T Zenith 6-D-619 Remler 46A Scotty Crain Bros. Aeriola 10 Packard-Bell 46A Zenith K510Y
Western Auto 268 Silvertone 2 Packard-Bell 5R1 Jewel 2550 General Electric 543 General Electric 35507-B
Emerson 31LO2 Atlas B Arvin 741T Zenith RE26-Y Westinghouse N-202 Republic RP-10
RCA 18T Philco 40-90 Peerless 7A Packard-Bell 5R1 Newcomb EDT-30MV Motorola 65X14-A
All-American/ Mohawk A-5 Lloyds TR-98 Guild Country Belle General Electric P-821A Emerson 888 Vanguard Arvin 842T
Arvin 55R58 Ross 2311 Zenith R724 Vista 500 Truetone MIC377A-17 Mission Bell 383
Westinghouse Aeriola Junior Splitdorf R-500 Packard-Bell 5R1 General Electric FB-52 Firestone R-166-A Stromberg Carlson C3
Hotpoint X225H Brunswick 10 Hallicrafters S-38D Grundig 85/USA Gilfillan 2 General Electric 3
Emerson 4 Emerson 2 Philco 50-526 Emerson 510 Delco R-1238 Airline 1
Zenith K731 Zenith Y-825 Zenith 6-D-516 Zaney-Gill Music Box Westinghouse H345T5 Westinghouse H-204A
Stromberg Carlson 551 Stewart Warner 205GA Stewart Warner 1921D Sparton 409-GL Sony 6F-16WA Silvertone 7134
Silvertone 2003 Silvertone 10 Sears 8229 Remler 40 RCA 45-J-2 RCA RP-193
RCA RFC-15V RCA 9-BX-56 RCA 45J RCA 45EY Philco SW-08987 Philco PT-95
Philco 80 Junior Philco 51-538 Philco 50-526 Philco 49-504 Philco 48-203 Philco 47-204
Philco 46-427 Philco 46-360 Philco 40-124 Panasonic R-8 Panasonic 782 Packard-Bell Kompak 5
Packard-Bell 5R1 Jackson Bell 89 Motorola 62T1 Motorola 56CJ Motorola 52B5 Midland M6A
Majestic 55 Magnavox 2-AM-80 Kenwood 130-S Holiday KTF-1158 American Bosch 660T Warwick 604
Gilfillan 6U Gilfillan 54-A (Late) General Electric T270A General Electric PT-1704 General Electric C434B General Electric C2418A
General Electric A-64 General Electric 546 Garod 6AU-1 FADA 602 Emerson 652 Emerson 425
Emerson 365 Elgin 5500 DeWald A502 Crosley F25 Crosley 56TXL Corsair 196
Califone 1410K Atwater Kent F4 Astrotone 99-35131 Stromberg Carlson 323H Arvin 618A Arvin 451-T
Airline 1527 Admiral 6C23A Admiral 69C-108 Admiral 4C26 Truetone D2015 Silvertone 1867
Plata 15AF24 Audiola 13T5 RCA 94X1 RCA 4-X-467 Beverley 1 Woolaroc 3-1A
Musicaire 2 Sony ICF-9650W Siemens K32-GWB Bravour 3010 Zenith L-600 (cowhide) Zenith L-600
Howard 901A Zenith H-500 Zenith G-500 Zenith A-600 Zenith 8G005YTZ1 Zenith 8G005
Zenith MJ1035-1 Zenith M504W Zenith L513W Zenith H-615 Zenith H724 Zenith 288
Zenith 7-S-530 Zenith 6-S-632 Zenith 6-S-527 Zenith 6-S-222 Zenith 6-D-512 Zenith 5-D-011
Zenith 4-V-31 Zenith 4-T-26 Zenith 4-B-231 Western Radio Cointrola US Radio 19B Temple (New London) G-418
Stromberg Carlson T4 Stewart Warner 9002-A Stewart Warner 801 Silvertone 9054 Silvertone 6220 Silvertone 4567
Sparton 350 Silvertone 2001 Sparton 5518 Sparton 557 Sled Sonora Radio Speaker RCA XF4
RCA RFD11B RCA 100B RCA 95T5 RCA 65X2 RCA 56X10 RCA 56X2
RCA 40X-57 Golden Gate Exposition Radio General Electric CL-541 RCA 26X3 RCA 9-X-561 RCA 9-X-571 RCA 7-BX-10
RCA 6-XF-9 Radiola 16 Rola Re-Creator Remler 5 Scotty Packard-Bell 100A Packard-Bell 46
Packard-Bell 35 Packard-Bell 5DA Packard-Bell 5DA Philco PT-65 Philco PT-41 Philco PT-6
Philco 60MB Philco 54-S Philco 54-9658 Philco 53-561 Philco 50-920 Philco 50-524
Philco 49-905 Philco 49-602 Philco 48-464 Philco 50-926 Philco 46-1203 Philco 42-PT2
Philco 42-KR3 Philco 42-340 Philco 41-220 Philco 39-70 Philco 37-600 Philco 37-84
Philco 37-62 NetroFone 1803 Motorola C38N Motorola 55X15 Espey 6514 Majestic Super B
Majestic CG Mitchell 1251 Minerva 710 Mignon RLC-3 Special Magnavox RO-14 Lafayette S45
Kadette 65 Jackson Bell "Fan" Jackson Bell 62 Holiday III Hallicrafters 7R10 Guild 380-T Town Crier
Gilfillan 56B Gilfillan 30 General Electric S22 General Electric K-50-P General Electric J64 Emerson AC-149
General Electric C-4530A General Electric C403D General Electric A-53 General Electric 581 Musaphonic General Electric 512-F General Electric 356
General Electric 203 General Electric 200 General Electric 107 Firestone 4-A-20 FADA 1001 FADA 1000
FADA 260 Fairbanks Morse 91C4 Emerson 888 Vanguard Emerson 745B Emerson 577B Emerson 510
Emerson 503 Emerson 439 Emerson 7-BW-179-15 Hallicrafters EC113 Delco 1107 Crosley 167
Crosley 66TW Capehart T-54 Capehart 2C56 Califone 1010AV Bulova 110 Bendix 526MC
Bendix 110W Atwater Kent 725 Atwater Kent 246 Airline GTM-1692A Airline GEN1495A Airline 62-9703
Admiral A-31 Admiral 7T09-X Apex 7A

Photos donated by Ben Martin.
Visit Ben's web site at

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