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Photographs contributed by Joseph Rebar

Zenith Royal 16 Zenith M-660 Zenith M-403 Viscount 601 Stewart 866 Radiola 61-6
Monitor TA56M Regal 135-101 General Electric 6D62 Peerless (Japan) 630 Sentinel 313W Sentinel 226W
Temple (New London) E-514 OMGS PTR-102N Olympic 440 Airline 04WG-610 Musicaire 5066 Mitchell 1403
Mayfair 520 Farnsworth GT-060 Bendix 0526A Motorola 68R11 Motorola 55X12A Arvin 152T
Sonora RBU-177 Temple (New London) E-514 Zenith F605 General Electric T-1130B General Electric P-780E General Electric C-547
General Electric C-505 General Electric C-434 General Electric C-433B Panasonic R-1013 Airline 14BR-525A Motorola C15WK-32
Silvertone 215 Truetone D-2102B Stromberg Carlson 1200-H RCA C-3E RCA 56X11 RCA 9-C-8ME
RCA 10X Motorola 6X Learadio 662 Emerson G1705 Emerson A-213 Westinghouse WR-12X10
Kadette 66 Air King 511-512 Aircastle BP56-540 Admiral Y3436 Admiral 6T01-6A1-MA Admiral 6Q12-N
Admiral 5X12N Admiral 5X11N General Electric 212 General Electric 107 General Electric 574 General Electric 603
Westinghouse H-436T5 Airline 64BR-1501A Tele-Tone 150 Sylvania 543M Sylvania 5151 Admiral 5S22A
Arrow (Korea) 623 Juliette APR256 Jade J1212 Jade 2215 Jade 1166-2 Westinghouse H-744T4
Westinghouse H-738P7 Westinghouse H-558P4 Westinghouse H-420T5 Sentinel 335-P Radiola 513 General Electric P-726B
General Electric P-1700A General Electric 123 Emerson 833 RCA 75X16 Coronado 05RA37-43-8360A Coronado 05RA33-43-8137
Bulova 300 Benrus 10B Belmont 6D14 Panasonic R-1076 Aiwa AR-865 Emerson 653-B
Bulova 204 RCA RHD10Y RCA 95X1 RCA 3-BX-54 DeWald B-504 Detrola 225
Emerson 641B Mormel L-850 Airline WG-1801 Airline 84BR-1503 Admiral 5E23-AN Sentinel 163UL
Philco 47-205 Packard-Bell 501 Packard-Bell 35 Late Sonora 179 TMK 10 Trav-Ler 5060
Motorola 6T26M Westinghouse H-384T5 Westinghouse H-318T5 Magnavox AM-811 General Electric 115W Truetone D-1118
Truetone D-1012 Regal 7251 Sonora KB-73 Admiral 5F-31N General Electric 115 Coronet C2
General Electric P-881A Sentinel 1U-360 RCA 7-BX-6L RCA 1-BX-79 Olympic 6A-501 Rensie 777
Renown 1032N Raleigh 805 Realistic 12-173 Holiday E-621 Hitachi TH-831 Hemisphere 655
Harlie R-1400 Emerson 587-B Midland 10-020M General Electric P-1758 Encore Super Deluxe Sony TR-3550
Panasonic R-1019 Realistic 12-719 Realistic 12-203 Magnavox 39 Alaron B-77 Admiral PR277
Signet G018 Sony TFM-6100W Soundesign 1164 Panasonic R-1027 Electro 507 Penncrest 1130
Universal (Japan) PTR-62B Motorola XP42EE Motorola XP36GU RCA RGA1046E General Electric P-2790 General Electric P-1750
General Electric 7-2705 Westinghouse RLA1082A General Electric P1757 General Electric P1760 Emerson P3300 Lloyds 6K98D
Zenith Royal 64 Soundesign 1130 Motorola X64E Essex EK29B-63A Motorola XP34GN General Electric P-2710
General Electric P-1711C General Electric P-1701A Westinghouse H-842P6 Zenith Royal 11 Silvertone 9001 Motorola 50XW
Bendix 300 Silvertone 8 Sentinel 332 Philco B656 Firestone S-7402-4 Zenith A513G
Delco R-1212 RCA 1-F-1 Motorola 77XM22 Sylvania 510 Philco K783-124 ECA 2012
Firestone 4-A-90 Zenith Royal 285 RCA Little Master Mantola R654-PM Radiola 512 Zenith K510
Crosley 501A Crosley 9-102 Lafayette D-247 Federal 1024TB Coronado 05RA-2-43-8230A General Electric X-251
General Electric 205 Soundesign 1177 Airline 84BR1517A Sony 3R-67 Bulova 132 Emerson 833
Truetone D-2815 Realistic DX-390 Zenith H615Z General Electric 125 Sentinel 1U360 Trav-Ler 5054
Westinghouse WR-177 Emerson CS-268 Airline 84-HA-1527 Stewart Warner R116 General Electric J-71 RCA 8-X-6E
RCA 6-XD5B RCA 2X621 Zenith Royal 59-1 Realtone TR-8611 Constellation Zenith 6-D-625 General Electric P-785A
Coronado B43-9927 Admiral Y-701R Truetone D-2634 Philco 47-204 General Electric 424 Westinghouse H398-T5
RCA 5X560 Sylvania 614 Esquire 550U Detrola 342 Bulova 300 Arvin 851-T
Farnsworth P-860 Lunchbox General Electric 150 Zenith T723 General Electric P-808E Zenith Royal B21 Zenith H-615
Zenith H-615Y Westinghouse H-165 Truetone D2002 Trav-Ler 5061 Trav-Ler 5015 Sentinel 332
Sentinel 314 RCA 96T4 RCA 8-BX-5 RCA 3-X-521 Philco 53-954 Philco 53-560
Philco 49-902 Motorola 68X12A Motorola 58X11 Motorola 52B8 Minerva W-117 Tropic Master Meck RC-5C5
Hoffman A300 General Electric L-650 General Electric 607 General Electric 226 Emerson 547 Emerson 657B
Emerson 656B Detrola 3041 Universal (Japan) PTR-62B Universal (Japan) 1440M Bendix 636C Airline 74BR-1507A
Admiral 7T10 Westinghouse WR-166AW Zenith B-511L Watterson 478 Admiral 5X22 Stewart Warner 9160AU
Zenith Y615 Zenith Royal 500E Zenith Royal 50 Zenith Royal 16 Zenith K511C Zenith G510Y
Zenith F615 Zenith F508L Zenith A513R Zenith 6G501 Zenith 5-D-011Z Zenith 5-D001Z
Zenith 4-G-800Z Westinghouse H-559P4 Westinghouse H-397T5 Westinghouse H-374T5 Westinghouse H-365T5 Westinghouse H-130
Trav-Ler 5054 Philco C579 Stromberg Carlson 1204 Stromberg Carlson 561 Silvertone 9000 Silvertone 7054J
Silvertone 7024 Silvertone 2015 Silvertone 220 Silvertone 15 Setchell Carlson 416 Sentinel 293W
RCA 66X11 RCA 15X RCA 14X RCA 4X551 RCA 2-X-61 RCA 1-X-51
Radiola 61-8 Radiola 61-1 Philco 53-562 Philco 52-542 Philco 46-250 Philco 46-200
Philco 41-230 Motorola 67L11 Motorola 65X11A Mantola R-150 Lyric 546T Hoffman A-200
General Electric 136 General Electric 423 General Electric 416 General Electric 414 General Electric 410 General Electric 401
General Electric 400 General Electric 221 General Electric 218 General Electric 202 General Electric 201 General Electric 124
General Electric 114 General Electric 102 General Electric 100 Galaxy GE-1001 Emerson 659 Emerson 421
Crosley F5TWE Musical Chef Crosley 628-B Coronado 43-8353 Bulova 130 Bendix 0636 Bendix 112
Arvin 950-T2 Arvin 461-T Airline 94BR-1525A Airline 74WG-1509 Zenith 6G801 Airline 15BR-1547
Admiral 6Y18N Admiral 5E22 Air King 511-110

Photos donated by Joseph Rebar.
Visit Joseph's web site at

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