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Photographs contributed by Ken Smith

Zenith Y164C Zenith X174W Zenith R73J2 Symphonic 351 Super Jr. Supre-Macy 2
Sharp BP-374 Zenith H-511F Zenith Royal 76 Zenith L516L Zenith L514 Tonex KTR-1661
Penncrest 681-3886 Grundig FR-200 Philips B6X23A Sony TR-752 Sony ST-80W Sony CF-580
Sony 8RC-54 Philco T-67 RCA RZC-261S Packard-Bell 4 Olympic 6-502P Northern Electric 5110
Norelco L2X97T Norelco B5X68A Nordmende Othello Newcomb EDT-15M Nobility 6 Nipco Hi-Fi 10
National (Japan) RX-C60 Motorola XT18S Monarch 80 Loewe-Opta Luna 3743W Lloyds TM-838A Joni 6J
Hitachi TH-831 Hallicrafters S-80 Grundig 2140U Grundig 2355 Global GRC-715 Freshman Masterpiece
Dime Store Radios Artic Emdeko EZ-14 Delco R-1231A Decca DP-570 Corona 209 Bulova 672
Brandes 1030 Blaupunkt Derby 7-652-450 Atwater Kent 90 Motorola A24 Airline 85BR-1065C Motorola 8X26S
RCA 6-XF-9E RCA 6-XF-9 Belmont 638 Belmont 6D120 Silvertone 9028 Silvertone 6024
Silvertone 4425 Silvertone 132.4901 Philco 456 Atwater Kent 36 General Electric T-150A General Electric P-975A
General Electric 431 General Electric JE-81 General Electric J62 General Electric V-648H Arvin 480-TFM Philco 51-629
Telefunken Kavalier K3291 Trancel TR60 Zenith C845Y Zenith A42W RCA 7-BX-9H Stromberg Carlson 420H
General Electric T-1000 General Electric P-780B Panasonic RF-521 Panasonic RF-1101 Panasonic R-355 Panasonic 740
Packard-Bell AR851 "Gilligan" KLH 11 Fairbanks Morse 9A Emerson G1707 Crosley 56T Arvin 61R13,26
Motorola 6C26 Motorola 5C12M Philco 49-607 Magnavox AM-2 Westinghouse H-862N7 Kadette 649X
Aircastle 206 Admiral Y3321 General Electric 535 General Electric 7-4100JA General Electric 500 Truetone DC2284
Airline 94WG-1804D Airline 84BR-1065C Airline 62-390 Realistic 12-747 Realistic 12-750 Patrolman-6 Realistic 12-769 Patrolman-50
Realistic 12-1563 Chronosette 256 Realistic 20-207 DX-400 Silvertone 6226 Coronado 15RA-43-8365 Hallicrafters S-77A Hallicrafters 8R40
RCA 67QR63 RCA 54B1-N RCA 2-XF-931 RCA 1-RA-50 RCA 1-RA-45 Westinghouse RS11P28A
Westinghouse H-334T7U Sylvania 5T18 Kenwood R-600 Hallicrafters 5R10A Hallicrafters SX-71 Hallicrafters S-38A
Zenith RE-94Y Hallicrafters S-85 Hallicrafters S38-E Hallicrafters S38-C Bendix 687A Aiwa AR-141
Airline 35BR-1542A Airline 25WG-1570B Admiral 5G22 Magnavox FM-47 Magnavox AM-20 Jewel TS-10
Jackson Bell 5 Encore Hi-Fi 10 Westinghouse H-171 Sentinel 1U329 Radiola A General Electric 547
Emerson 834B Zenith Converta 50 Realistic 12-635A RCA RZC-290W Emerson 646 Philco T993GY
Olympic MM235 Crosley 52TF Candle PTR-63 Continental TR622 Motorola 72XM Arvin 542T
Arvin 440T Silvertone 6024 AMC TR800 Panasonic R-72 Packard-Bell 6RT6 Zenith RE-71J
Zenith T521F Crosley 56TA Hoffman MP-502 Holiday 4141 Holiday 15-207 Bulova 2YC-23
Arvin 61R48 RCA 40X52 Grundig 1070 Admiral Y2529GP General Electric M862 Sharp TR-202 Suntone
Sony ICF-510MK2 Mantola 3 Majestic GGH Continental TR682 Channel Master 6514 Emerson 18
Emerson 988 Motorola C2B3 Atwater Kent 435 Arvin 753T Airline 93BR-715 Airline 84BR-1816
Sylvania 543 Spica ST-600 Silvertone 6052-A Sentinel 1U335P Packard-Bell 46H Toshiba 10L-429F
Tandberg TP-41 Tonex 1 Truetone 8 Crosley D-25W2 Admiral YK201GP Admiral 5T32N
Motorola X48N Motorola X31N-1 Motorola X23E Motorola X23E Motorola 67C Silvertone 3219
Silvertone 6425 Silvertone Chassis 132.4301 Zenith C-519 General Electric C-430 General Electric 466 Wilco ST-88
Westinghouse H-699T5 Arvin 2573 Philco-Ford 3 Philco 40-150T Mirror Tone CA-500 General Electric P780H
General Electric H-601 General Electric 7-2500 General Electric 676 Zenith 5 Crosley 506 Channel Master 6524
Airline 14 Califone 1455K Zenith R7000-2 RCA RFC19W General Electric PE-780 Columbia C-1201
General Electric 7-2934A Sanyo RP5050 Continental TR801 Minivox RR-34B Toshiba 8TM41 Zenith 5-S-126
Panashiba FX-10AG Panasonic RS-836A Philco T69WHG Philco T500-124 Stewart Warner 212 Afco Hi-Fi
Admiral Y2009 General Motors 110MS RCA RC507 Hy-Lite E164 Zenith 12-S-453 Sears 5212
Admiral Y2082 Magnavox AM-80 General Electric 7-2001A Westinghouse H-791P6 Westinghouse H-525T4 Candle PTR-83
Americana ST-6Z Afco A7122 Realtone VT-2652 Zenith Royal 755LK Packard-Bell 2 Panasonic T-9
Philco T-51 Philco 40-170CS Rola 10 Cone Speaker Motorola X29B AITC Solid State 8 Airline GEN-1219A
Gran Prix A100 General Electric 13 Sony CF-550A Sony TFM-96 Sony TR-630 Silvertone 1209
Zenith Royal 50 with Converta Speaker RCA 6EY-3A Realtone 1 International (Japan) LA9101 Panasonic R-1070 Panasonic R-1014
Realistic 12-649 Diplomat Realistic 12-632A Realistic 12-166 Electra R1200 Admiral 5S35N Sony 3F-61W
Victor Victrola VV-50 Crosley 125 Realtone TR-1948 Realtone TR-1645 Juliette NA7021 Wynford Hall TCM-5500
Newcomb EDT20B Philmore Supertone Aquatron VX33 Toshiba 7TH-425 Motorola CX2B Capitol 919
General Television 7 Sony TC905A Baldwin 50 Motorola 55L2U Philco F974 Bush ETR-2
Emerson 17 Emerson 569 RCA R-7 Superette Courier 2 Silvertone 1904 Stewart Warner 91-53
Commander 1 Grundig 3028 Majestic 44A Admiral 5Z22 Silvertone 8011 Standard (US) A
Sparton 152 Motorola 52L2A Zenith 6-D-815 Silvertone 7037 Bulova NT-730 Bulova 750
RCA 86T1 Suntone RR3000 Motorola 56A Zenith K5126 Motorola 52CW3 Zenith Z-615R
Silvertone 4025 Crosley 11-108U Telefunken Jubilate 9 Sony TR-810 Howe Radio Receiver Philco 54C
Curtis Mathes 2918A Sanyo RPMC2 Freed-Eisemann FE-15 RCA 96T1 Airline GEN-1473A Crosley 9-120W
Magnavox FWC40 RCA 6-BX-63 Newcomb AV-700AM Airline 62-368 Western Air Patrol 487 Sparton 2
Stromberg Carlson 1101H Zenette BH Emerson 888 Pioneer Zenith G730 Western Air Patrol 6-MT3 RCA RGC29-W
RCA 2-C-521 Radiola 61-5 Philco T7-126 Philco G755-124 RCA A-21 York TR-62
Panasonic 730 Motorola 63C Mitchell 1268B Magnavox R3 Atwater Kent L Horn Speaker Guild 785 Grafonola
General Electric 408 Aircastle TRS-38F Emerson 301 Craftsman 9333 Channel Master 6505 General Electric T-1025A
Airline 93WG-602 Airline 25BR-1525 Airline 04BR-512A Westinghouse WR-270 Westinghouse WR-217 Westinghouse M542T5
Zenith X334 Zenith L505 Zenith A515V Zenith A513A Zenith 6G801 Crosley 53TF
Crosley 11-129 Coronado T-54 American Bosch WR204 Silvertone Chassis 132.818-1 RCA RJG20E Toshiba 7TP-30
Toshiba 7TH-425 Sony CRF-5100 Sanyo RP-1250 Toshiba RP-727FC Telefunken Rondo 55 Toshiba 10TL-429FA
Toshiba 9TL-365SA Zenith T-600 Zenith 8G005YT Zenith K666 Zenith J616 Zenith J615W
Zenith H725 Zenith C835 Zenith 9-S-263 Zenith 8-H-832 Zenith 8H023 Zenith 7-S-634
Zenith 7-S-53 Westinghouse H-161 Viking 599 Truetone D-1002 Telechron 8H67 Stromberg Carlson 1500H
Silvertone 8052 Silvertone 4204 General Electric P783A RCA 87T RCA 86T RCA 68R3
RCA 66-BX RCA 65X1 RCA 56X RCA 54B2 RCA 45X4 RCA 16T4
RCA 16T3 General Electric P990A RCA 1-R-81 Radiola 61-7 Philco 48-482 Philco 53-642
Philco 42-327 General Electric 7-2889B Philco 37-610B Motorola C11G Motorola 6C26A Motorola 5T
Motorola 5C Heathkit XR-2L Sun Mark SM-8H General Electric 7-2880B Firestone 4-A-12 Narrator Fleetwood NTR-6G
Emerson 507 Ever-Play Rechargeable Crosley D-10TN Craftsman 331 Coronado 578 Capehart C14
Arvin 2564 Arvin 442 Airline 62-316 Airline 62-306 Airline 62-131 Airline 15BR-1547A
Airline 04BR-729A Automatic Tom Thumb Aetna M-253

Photos donated by Ken Smith.
Visit Ken's web site at

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