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Photographs contributed by David Martin

Silvertone 4421 Zenith J504 Marshall 147 Mantola R400 Majestic 2 Majestic 651
Kadette 50 General Television 5B5 General Television 2A5 FADA 172 Dime Store Radios Atlas Clinton 2
Climax G Bulova 100 Motorola C9B2 Motorola 63A RCA 40X50 Silvertone 6426
Philco 53-561 Sonora 7 Emerson 32 Detrola 320 Tele-Tone 4 Airline 62-254
DeWald 441 Airline 93WG-602B Air King 910 Silver 149 Crosley 5515 Wilcox Gay 6AC5
Zenith 6-D-2620N Zenith 6-D-2620 Emerson CR-261 Emerson BM-215 Emerson AL-168 Airline 62-315
Automatic D5 Aetna 253CL Firestone S-7403-3 Airline 62-467 Sparton 13-5U2 Sparton 517
Philco D-597-125 Detrola 135E FADA 209 Trav-Ler 5054 Sylvania 1102 Phone Radio Airline 62-425
Trav-Ler 55-39 L.Tatro AQ-69 Emerson EP-367 Arvin 41 Zenith 8-S-434 Detrola 216 Jr. Pee Wee
Motorola B6W Simplex V Arvin 8561 Majestic 62A Philco 3 Sentinel 238V
Fairbanks Morse 5C Detrola 568 RCA 5X3 Westinghouse WR-27 Sylvania 540 Zenith 705
Detrola 322 Majestic 66 Grunow 550 FADA 1005 Detrola 212 Truetone D-723
Coradio 11934 Coin-Operated Simplex D Airline 62-264 Emerson AX-217 Emerson FL-418 Stewart Warner 07-5R4
Packard-Bell 501 Wilcox Gay A-46 Silvertone 6406J Mirror Tone 850 General Electric 941 Detrola 568-20
Airline 62-361 Air King 701 Stewart Warner R-3043-A Zenith 6-S-528 Zenith 6-D-628 Westinghouse H-678T4
Truetone D-726 General Electric T-1298 Stewart Warner 07-514H Silvertone 6175 RCA 9TX50 Emerson EC-376
Goodyear Wings 588 General Television 524 Emerson CS-270 Emerson AX-212 Emerson AD-110 Delco R-1126
Crosley E-15BE Crosley 56TN Arvin 618 Phantom Junior Arvin 444-A Continental C-454 Airline 62-406

Photos donated by David Martin.
Visit David's web site at

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E4  E5  F1  F2  F3  G1  G2  G3  G4  G5  H  IJ  K  L  M1  M2  M3  M4  
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When cabinet material or color differences are apparent or suspected  in donated photos, I have included additional photos of certain model numbers.  Due to time constraints, I must rely entirely on the accuracy of information supplied by contributors with their photographs.  As such, no guarantee is made that the model numbers presented here are correct.

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