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Photographs contributed by John Goller

Zenith Radio Nurse Zenith Baby Zenith Zenith Aviatrix Zenith 978 Zenith 975 Zenith 950
Zenith 886 Zenith 880 Zenith 861 Zenith 860 Zenith 850 Zenith 825
Zenith 770 Zenith 765 Zenith 618 Zenith 468 Zenith 443 Zenith 442
Zenith 244 Zenith 115 Zenith 92 Zenith 72 Zenith 62 Zenith 61
Zenith 60 Zenith 42 Zenith 39 Zenith 35 Zenith 33 Zenith 29
Zenith 21 Zenith 15-U-246 Zenith 15-S-479 Zenith 15-S-469 Zenith 15-S-373 Zenith 14
Zenith 12-S-595 Zenith 12-S-569 Zenith 12-S-568 Zenith 12-S-494 Zenith 12-S-371 Zenith 12-S-350
Zenith 12-H-689 Zenith 12-H-019 Zenith 12-A-3 Zenith 10-S-571 Zenith 10-S-549 Zenith 10-S-531
Zenith 10-S-157 Zenith 10-S-156 Zenith 10-H-573 Zenith 9-S-324 Zenith 9-S-54 Zenith 9-H-881
Zenith 9-H-081 Zenith 9-H-079 Zenith Super Zenith IX Zenith 8-S-322 Zenith 8-S-15 Zenith 8-D-829
Zenith 8-A-02 Zenith 7-S-632 Zenith 7-S-630 Zenith 7-S-629 Zenith 7-S-558 Zenith 7-S-547
Zenith 7-S-527 Zenith 7-S-487 Zenith 7-S-462 Zenith 7-S-449 Zenith 7-S-433 Zenith 7-S-366
Zenith 7-S-258 Zenith 7-S-242 Zenith 7-J-259 Zenith 7-A-04 Zenith 6-S-656 Zenith 6-S-580
Zenith 6-S-546 Zenith 6-S-341 Zenith 6-S-304 Zenith 6-S-256 Zenith 6-S-241 Zenith 6-S-203
Zenith 6-S-137 Zenith 6-S-128 Zenith 6-S-33 Zenith 6-P-448 Zenith 6-P-429 Zenith 6-DL-122
Zenith 6-D-828 Zenith 6-D-644 Zenith 6-D-302 Zenith 6-D-21 Zenith 6-B-131 Zenith 6-A-05
Zenith 5-V-31 Zenith 5-S-310 Zenith 5-S-226 Zenith 5-S-219 Arvin 1127 Rhythm King General Electric H-116
Stromberg-Carlson 231-R Marconi 106 Zenith 6-S-254 Zenith 6-D-336 Zenith 6-D-326 Zenith 6-B-129
Zenith 5-S-22 Zenith 5-R-680 Zenith 5-R-086 Zenith 5-L-228 Zenith 5-J-255 Zenith 5-J-247
Zenith 5-G-537 Zenith 5-G-534 Zenith 5-G-438 Zenith 5-A-01 Zenith 4-V-59 Zenith 4-K-515
Zenith 4-K-331 Zenith 4-F-231 Zenith 4-F-227 Zenith 4-F-153 Zenith 4-B-437 Zenith 4-B-317
Zenith 4-B-131 Zenith 2-M Zenith 1-R Wilcox Gay A-52 Stromberg-Carlson Tower Sparton 301 Equasonne
Slagle 29B Setchell-Carlson 241T E.H. Scott Phantom Philco 645 Philco 641 Philco 630-CSX & 635-CSX
Philco 630B Philco 623 Philco 611 Philco 512 Philco 118H Philco 116
Philco 87 Highboy Philco 80 Jr Philco 60 Philco 47-1201 Philco 42-390 Philco 42-358
Philco 40-195 Philco 39-117 Philco 39-31 Philco 39-8 Philco 38-690 Mystery Control Philco 38-15
Philco 38-7 Philco 37-345 Philco 37-52 Philco 16X Motorola 10-Y Midwest 37-18
Midwest 35-16 Majestic 500A Majestic 370 Majestic 311 Majestic 85 Majestic 65
Majestic 25 Lafayette JS183 Kroehler 93B Kadette 950 Kadette 35 Grunow Lido
Grunow 586 Grunow 551 Grunow 532 Grunow 502 Gloritone 27T General Electric L-641
General Electric F81 General Electric 71A Firestone S-7403-8 Farnsworth AT-50 Emerson 414 Emerson 173
Emerson 133 Emerson 35 Echophone R-5 Dunlop 500 Dublier 600 Delco R-1127
Delco 1146 Crosley Super 11 Crosley 24AJ Capehart 413H Panamuse Belmont 550 Belmont 420
Atwater Kent TA Atwater Kent DX Atwater Kent 3925 Atwater Kent 465 Atwater Kent 415 Atwater Kent 290
Atwater Kent 225 Atwater Kent 12 Atwater Kent 9 Atwater Kent 6 Atwater Kent 3 Atwater Kent 2
Airline 62-235 Airline 62-18 Astor 110-2 Aetna 39A67W

Photos donated by John Goller.
Visit John's web site at

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E4  E5  F1  F2  F3  G1  G2  G3  G4  G5  H  IJ  K  L  M1  M2  M3  M4  
M5  NO  P1  P2  P3  P4  P5  R1  R2  R3  R4  R5  R6  S1  S2  S3  S4  S5  
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When cabinet material or color differences are apparent or suspected  in donated photos, I have included additional photos of certain model numbers.  Due to time constraints, I must rely entirely on the accuracy of information supplied by contributors with their photographs.  As such, no guarantee is made that the model numbers presented here are correct.

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