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Photographs contributed by Jim Dennis

Gilfillan 58W Zenith 6D014 Stewart-Warner A-6 Arvin 444-AH Arvin 422 Belmont C-640
General Electric H610U Jewel 5057U Emerson 695-B Arvin 853T FADA 605 Zenith L-515Y
Zenith L520-W Radiola 511 Emerson 561 Philco 51-532 Stewart-Warner 9164 Sentinel 1U345P
Sentinel 312-P Philco KR3 Philco PT-25 RCA 55X Coronado 93RA31-43-8115A Crosley 66TA
Pilot B1 Philco 49-506 Philco 52-940 Philco 48-206 Philco 42-PT7 General Electric 415
Air King A-520 Olympic 441 Olympic LP213 Northern Electric 5002 Majestic 5AK711 FADA 260W
Farnsworth ET-060 Emerson 706B Delco R-1235 Delco R-1229 Emerson 706B Dumont RA-346
Automatic CL-164 Bendix 626C Arvin 402-A Motorola 53X3 Motorola 68X11 Motorola 55X12A
Motorola 52X13U RCA X551 Bendix 55P3U Silvertone 8215 Bendix 636A General Electric 105
Arvin 2410P Firestone 4-A-25 Airline 84BR-1815B Stewart-Warner 9162-D Arvin 544R Arvin 850T
Arvin 544 Philco 53-561 Philco 51-932 Truetone D-2709 Airline WG-518 Airline 05GSE-1066
Westinghouse H-383T5 General Electric H-600 Crosley 9-105 Emerson 426 Silvertone 9005 RCA 75X11
Airline 93BR-508A Artone R-1046-U Stewart-Warner 9160 General Electric 150 Stewart-Warner 9160 Packard-Bell 631
Kent 422 Packard-Bell 5R1 Federal 1040TB Airline 64WG-1804A Airline 62-351 Aircastle 5052
Motorola 55X11A Philco 52-548 Philco 52-548 Philco 53-563 Sentinel 212W Crosley E-90CE
Sentinel 286PR Crosley D-25WE Crosley 56-PA Crosley 9-104W Crosley 58TK Crosley 14AG
Crosley 56-PB Crosley 10-135 Arvin 451-T RCA 66X12 Zenith 6-D-612 Emerson 708
Wells-Gardner A11 Westinghouse H-355T5 Emerson 724B Emerson 547A Automatic 440 Arvin 502
Sparton 342 Easy Goer Coronado 15RA38-43-8236A Truetone D-3465 Philco B-572 Zenith 6-D-015 FADA 605
Silvertone 4025 Admiral 6C2A Airline 84BR-1507 Jewel 940 Emerson 636A Westinghouse H-188
RCA 8X521 FADA P-111 Silvertone 9001 Philco 52-942 Olympic 7-421W Motorola 77XM-21
Admiral 6C22AN Stewart-Warner 9164-A Bendix 0526A Stewart-Warner 9187E Stewart-Warner 9160-F Trav-Ler 5015
Zenith R-512-R Zenith K-622 Zenith H-511 (with CD markings) Zenith G516 Crosley 11-107U RCA 8-X-71
Emerson DW-330B Arvin 450T Arvin 553-T Automatic 613X Admiral 15-D5 Trav-Ler 5000
DeWald JD-519 Philco PT-91 Delco R-1230A Silvertone 6025 Emerson 514 Motorola 58A
Zenith J-616 Zenith H-615 Zenith L-622 Zenith Z511-R Zenith Y513 Zenith L-622
Zenith K622 Zenith H724Z2 Zenith 6-D-311 Zenith 515W Zenith H725 Zenith 6-D-614
Stewart-Warner 9162-C Stewart-Warner 07-511H Stewart-Warner C51T12 Sonora WDU-233 Philco 52-548 Westinghouse H-631T4A
General Electric L-604 Arvin 544A Emerson 729 Emerson 540 RCA 8X522 Motorola 59R12
Motorola 5H13U Admiral 5E22 Crosley 56TU Farnsworth GT-050 Airline 94BR-1526 Arvin 540-T
Motorola 57X Sylvania NU-1104 Motorola 51X Motorola 52X Bendix 111W RCA 66X2
Bendix 55P3 Sonora B-22 Airline 14BR-7356A Crosley 66PA Motorola 65X11A Coronado 43-8351
RCA 9X651 Crosley 649 Airline 04WG-611 Westinghouse H-126 Sentinel 309 Motorola 65X11
Crosley 52TD Motorola 56X1 Zenith 6-D-612W Trav-Ler 5029 Trav-Ler 5056 Airline 94BR-1525
RCA 8X542 Silvertone 7000 Lefty Continental 1600 General Television 2A5 Sylvania 540HA Emerson Moderne
FADA 605 Arvin 6640 Emerson 602A RCA 16X-2 Philco 52-940 Arvin 664
Philco 53-561 Olympic 6-501 Tele King RKC54 Arvin 502 Arvin 650P Bendix 526A
Stromberg-Carlson 1101 Philco 49-506 Setchell-Carlson 427 Sonora RBMU-175 Philco PT-2 Zenith 6-D-520
Philco 53-566 Crosley 56TX Crosley 56TD CBS/CBS Columbia 5440 Silvertone 6021 Trav-Ler 5066
Longines LCR-511 Motorola 53X General Electric J-644 Silvertone 3001 Westinghouse WR-150 Philco 48-225
Motorola 51X12 Firestone 4-C-16 Sentinel 249W Silvertone 8003 Emerson 575A Sparton 132
Sparton 132 Sonora 100 Silvertone 2002 Trav-Ler 5028-A Sparton 325C Sentinel 284-I
Philco 48-200I Admiral 5A33 Stromberg-Carlson C-1 Arvin 622A Sentinel 309W Motorola 57X11
Continental 1600NL Olympic 7-421 Dumont RA346 Motorola 6X11U Airline 84KR-1520A Mirror Tone 830
Admiral 5X12 Tele-Tone 135 Coronado 43-8212 Capehart TC62 Maguire 571 Knight Ranger
Philco B572 Motorola 53X Bendix 75P6U Sentinel 309 Motorola 53H3 Crosley 428
Philco 51-930 Tele King RKC54 Emerson DB-301 Delco R-1230A Crosley 11-100U Arvin 450TL
Telechron 8H61 Silvertone 5 Mantola 92-503 Majestic 5LA50 General Electric J-603 Sonora 633
Arvin 850T Aircastle 106B Continental 1600 Trav-Ler T204 Sonora RBU-176 Crosley 11-AH
Silvertone 3002 Motorola 58A-12 Crosley 11AB Artone 300 General Electric H-510 Trav-Ler 55-37
Philharmonic 51C3A Truetone D-1011 Truetone D-2615 Temple (New London) G-418 Sylvania 519 Stewart-Warner A51T3
Stewart-Warner 9186B Sparton 5-06 Silvertone 9006 Silvertone 2007 RCA 8R71 RCA 4X647
RCA 2BX63 RCA 1X52 Philco 48-200 Philco 46-250 Philco 46-131 Motorola 68T11
Motorola 60FX Motorola 5LTU Motorola 53C1 Jewel 940A Jewel 935 General Electric H-500
General Electric 581 General Electric 475 General Electric 450 General Electric 436 Firestone S-7402-5 Farnsworth BT-50
Emerson 695 Emerson 515 Delco 1172-R Bulova 100 Bendix 626C Arvin 444-A
Arvin 358T Airline 25BR-1548B Admiral 7T01M-N Trav-Ler 5051 Crosley 58TW Regal C527L
Emerson 587-B Emerson 587 Emerson 522 Crosley 10-139 Airline 54BR-1502A

Photos donated by Jim Dennis.
Visit Jim's web site at

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