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Photographs contributed by California Historical Radio Society

Stromberg-Carlson 600-H Radiola 500 Trav-Ler 5091-A Silvertone Chassis 132.818-1 Jewel 956 Jewel 955
Radiola 510 Olympic 440 Stewart-Warner 61T16 Mirror Tone Deluxe 804 Admiral 6T02-5B1-MA Truetone D-2810
FADA 855 Philco C579 Coronado 25-RA33-43 Philco C579 Emerson 718B Emerson 547A
Emerson 811B Zenith T521R Zenith C520V Zenith A-510Y Zenith R-512-F Zenith B508R
Stromberg-Carlson 1151 Stewart-Warner 07-511 Stewart-Warner R552 Sparton 375C Motorola A8R-60 Motorola A1R-24
Gilfillan 5B9 Westinghouse WR-173 Gilfillan 5G8 Philco 48-200 Philco 46-200 Philco 38-12
General Electric JK-30 General Electric C751 Emerson BA-201 Firestone S-7402-7 Sentinel 1U346 Silvertone 6400
RCA 9-TX RCA 9X6 Puritan S97 Philco PT-25 Philco 48-208 Sonora 348
Northern Electric 5400 Northern Electric 5400 Westinghouse H-311T5 Westinghouse 551 Warwick C-104 Emerson 779 Series B
Westinghouse WR-102A Westinghouse WR-12X3 Motorola 5R1 Motorola 58-GI Coronado 636 RCA 46X12
RCA 95-T RCA 1-X-56 Firestone S-7402-1 Clinton 176 Coronado JC-599 Coronado 5D-117
Stewart-Warner B61T1 Stewart-Warner 9160K Stardust 1040 Emerson FL414 Emerson 652-D DeWald D-519
Emerson 811B Motorola A18W-3W Motorola 51C Motorola 50X1 General Electric 515F General Electric 508
General Electric CL500 Arvin 242T Firestone S-7426-6 Crosley 13 Motorola 56X11 Lafayette T-99
Crosley 689 Admiral 5K-1 Sparton 5140 Sentinel 331-R Detrola 134 Detrola 134-B
Stromberg-Carlson 1101H Air King 4705 Sentinel 338 Emerson 282 Westinghouse 555 Sentinel 309
RCA 46X13 Philco TP-15 Motorola 57R2 Meck Trail Blazer Detrola 283 Crosley 10-127-1
Sparton 360 Arvin 152T Airline 5V-181 RCA 2-XF-932 Sparton 5141 (Canada) Tele-Tone 109
Firestone 4-A-2C Philco 53-566 Phonola 1U51-P-1 Knight 10800 Sentinel 1U246 Philco 41-225
Packard-Bell 100A General Electric 52 RCA 6-XD5 DeWald 521 RCA 16-X-13 General Electric C404
Bulova 100 Packard-Bell 35-H Stewart-Warner 205-GA Sentinel 218-T RCA 5Q55 Motorola 59T-2
Philco PT-3 Howard 906 Motorola 65-X14B General Electric L-500 General Electric C-400 Silvertone 303
Motorola 57-A2 General Electric 50 Hallicrafters 5R32 Emerson 516 Stewart-Warner C51T2 Gilfillan 56E
Motorola 55X12 Troy 79 General Electric H-600 General Television Cisco RCA 45X1 Westinghouse WR-120
Hoffman A200 Philco 322 Northern Electric 540 Emerson 810B Emerson 642 Emerson 200
DeWald 533 Trav-Ler 4-A-110 Temple (New London) G-4108 Olympic 6A-50 Majestic 6T120 Bulova 300
General Electric HJ-12 Firestone 5170 FADA 252 RCA 1-X-53 Philco 48-250 Philco 37-602
Jewel 5100

Photos donated by California Historical Radio Society.
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When cabinet material or color differences are apparent or suspected  in donated photos, I have included additional photos of certain model numbers.  Due to time constraints, I must rely entirely on the accuracy of information supplied by contributors with their photographs.  As such, no guarantee is made that the model numbers presented here are correct.

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