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Photographs contributed by Tim Moen

Truetone D-731 Tom Thumb ATTP RCA 87T Noma 8084 International (Japan) MPR100 Grundig 3033/56
Bendix 55L3 Zenith 5-R-312 FADA 30J Clinton 256 Truetone D-711 Sonora K9-T1-63
RCA 9-EY-35U Stromberg-Carlson 140H RCA R28 RCA 100 Majestic 6T23 Jackson-Bell Peter Pan
Goodyear Wings 602A Emerson 510 Bendix 526MC Silver 139 Emerson 343 Zenith 6-V-27
DeWald A-501 Watterson 527 Remler 5510 Regency TR-5 Zenith 5-F-134 McMurdo Silver 149
Jackson-Bell 60 Grunow 451 General Television 2A5 FADA 465 Dime Store Radios Norwood Delco R-1128
Truetone D-2815 Trav-Ler A-502 Airline 562 Westinghouse H-125 Stewart-Warner R1231 Silvertone 6128
Silvertone 4774 Crosley 718 Crosley 5M3 Fairbanks-Morse 6AT4 Kadette 120 Coronado 43-8354
Aircastle 136 Hoffman PP706 Solar Six Crosley 718C Zenith 5-S-220 Emerson CV-295 Kadette KR-20 Autime
Philco Mystery Box Philco PT-93 Majestic 608 FADA S-46B RCA 103 Majestic 250W
Zenith 6-S-627 Setchell-Carlson 427 Regal 205 RCA 4T6 RCA 40X1 Truetone 636
Truetone D-2616 Emerson 111 Zenith X509Y Zenith A615R Zenith 6-S-439 Zenith 6-S-330
Zenith 6-D-311 Stewart-Warner 9001F Sonora RCU-208 Zenith 5-R-216 Zenith 5-A-10 Crosley 24AU
Crosley E-10WE Silvertone 1988 Silvertone 6120 Motorola 56R Airline 93WG-603B Gilfillan 711T
Airline 93WG-604A Setchell-Carlson ER331 Silvertone 3006 Zenith 5-R-135 Motorola 57CS-4A Crosley 11-113U
Coronado RA48-8158A Coronado 66100 Bendix 301 Admiral Y3703 Emerson 813 Series A Emerson 708B
Silvertone 4765 Sparton 516 Farnsworth ET-069 Emerson 653 Delco R-1155 Crosley 11-123U
Crosley 11-117U Crosley 11-116 Crosley 11-106U Bendix 55L2U

Photos donated by Tim Moen.
Visit Tim's web site at

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E3  E4  E5  F1  F2  F3  G1  G2  G3  G4  G5  H  IJ  K  L  M1  M2  M3  
M4  M5  NO  P1  P2  P3  P4  P5  R1  R2  R3  R4  R5  R6  S1  S2  S3  S4  
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When cabinet material or color differences are apparent or suspected  in donated photos, I have included additional photos of certain model numbers.  Due to time constraints, I must rely entirely on the accuracy of information supplied by contributors with their photographs.  As such, no guarantee is made that the model numbers presented here are correct.

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