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Photographs contributed by Mark Toppo

Grundig 4090-WE Colonial 650 Arvin 444 Addison 2 Sears 250.21300200 St. Regis Gothic
RCA 96T7 Philco PT-65 Philco 21 Farrand Junior Silvertone 2024 RCA 56X3
Airline 62-198 Deluxe 1731 Detrola 5D Zenith 715 Zenith 7C05 Western Air Patrol 59
Clarion C104A Philco 81 Junior Philco 45C Philco 34B Micro-Vox MV-200 McMurdo Silver C5
Metrodyne Super 7 Mantola R401 Lewol 4-L "Best" Guild 6407S Guild 484 Spice Chest Flush Wall 5P
Delco R-1125 Automatic Tom Thumb Buddy Motorola B6N Belmont 6D110 Philco 38-35 Atwater Kent 509W
General Electric L-660 General Electric 914-D Arvin 540-T General Electric 220 Zenith 5-S-119 General Electric XB333-D2
Sparton 6-26 Pacific Parco 50 Packard-Bell 551 Freed-Eisemann NR-6 Parmak 680 Masterpiece Motorola 59X
Howard 256 Sentinel 220-T460 Stromberg-Carlson 1000J RCA AP-937 Duo-Rectron Battery Eliminator Philco 70 Philco 97
Philco 49-500 Philco 46-420 Emerson 852 Airline 74BR-1508A Emerson 652B Kadette 68
Aviola 601-612 General Electric 62 Firestone 4-A-24 Detrola 3042 Philco 46-350 Realistic 28-178
Philco 511 w/211 spkr Hallicrafters S-119 Sky Buddy RCA 114 Zenith 6-G-601M Airline 74WG-1509B Advance Falck
American Bosch 305 Thorophone S-5 Edison Standard Climax Q-69 Motorola 50X2 Clarion Jr. AC-60
Big Ben 80192 General Electric K-51-P Silvertone 8000 Philips 960AS Remler 42 Zenith Y723
General Electric 422 Radiola 61-3 Emerson 375LW Zenith S-43497 Zenith 8G005TZ1Y Zenith K412G
Zenith 805 Zenith 847 Zenith 6-D-413 Zenith 5-S-228W Zenith LG22-W Zenith 10-S-470
Zenith 10-A-3 Zenith 9-S-232 Zenette LS Zenith 6-S-238 Woolaroc 3-1A Philco PT-69
Atwater Kent 37 Airline 351 RCA 87T-2 Cunningham 550 Crosley 181 Truetone D-2210
Stromberg-Carlson AWP-8 Bulova M-601 Detrola 4F Artone 6-606 Atwater Kent 55 with F4-A spkr Delco R-1231
Emerson 414 Motorola 61L11 Marconi 223 Gilfillan Little King Admiral 4L20A Stewart-Warner Bookset
Crosley Trirdyn Super Regular Sparton 616 Coronado 587 Kadette 60 Crosley 1-H Philco 60
Selexatune RR56B Detrola 4J Belmont 526 Emerson 540 Emersonette Parker-McCrory Super Parmak Federal A-10
Colin B. Kennedy 20 Day-Fan 5 Amplion AR19 Motorola J-8 Crosley Dynacone Type F Pilot 173
Setchell-Carlson 407 Boudette Sonochorde Cone Speaker Crosley Super VI Colonial 16 Jesse French G Watterson 4581
Dictogrand R-3 Philco 48-250 Colin B. Kennedy 435 Hamilton 104 Walton Wal-Tone Magnavox 715
Motorola 68L11 Emerson DC-308 Majestic 463 Century Six Philco 41-221 Western Electric 560-AW Westinghouse Aeriola Senior
Stewart-Warner R1231A Airline 04BR-513B General Electric H610 Silvertone 3811 Simplex K Shamrock A
Magnavox Telemegaphone Horn Speaker Majestic 381 Treasure Chest Delco R-1154 Emerson 31 Utah A-100 Cone Speaker FADA 175A
Freed-Eisemann NR-7 RCA R-5 Radiolette Michigan Radio M10-M11 Eveready (US) 21 Garod Neutrodyne V Jackson-Bell 25AV
DeWald SR-442 Arrow 30A Westinghouse RA/DA Thorola 9 Cone Speaker Stewart-Warner R-1235 Western Electric 10-D Horn Speaker
Tower Meistersinger Horn Speaker RCA FH Horn Speaker Crosley 58 Buddy Boy Zenith 5G40 Radiola 100-A Atwater Kent 84B
Radiola UZ-1325 Horn Speaker RCA 100A Speaker RCA 100 Drum Speaker Atwater Kent H Horn Speaker Atwater Kent E2 Drum Speaker Atwater Kent E Drum Speaker
Air King 335 Olympic 442 Sparton 62 Air King 507 Zenith 5-S-29 Motorola 5R1
Crosley 5V2 Radiola AG-814 Philco 89B Silvertone 115 Stewart-Warner Companion Motorola 65L1
Crosley 11-102U Lyric SA-5 Sparton 57 Setchell-Carlson 416 Motorola S-10 Motorola 62X21A
Capehart L7K3 Philco 40-150 Bulova 202 Bendix 526B Motorola A16W Motorola 63L
Granco T-160U Motorola 5A5 Motorola 51X17 Zaney-Gill Supertone Windham 1450 Tiffany Tone 60
Tiffany Tone 5A Tiffany Tone 517 Story & Clark C108 Stewart-Warner 115 Sonora KM Sonora 105
McMurdo Silver 139 Sentinel 284NR Sentinel 284-NI RCA 45-J-3 RCA 9X3 Radiola 76-ZX-12
Radiola 48 Motorola Pixie Motorola Airboy Sr Motorola 63C Motorola 62CW1 Motorola 61X13
Motorola 60XA2 Motorola 5P31A Motorola 5JD1436 Motorola 58R11 Motorola 54A Motorola 54A1
Motorola 52 Motorola 52M1U Motorola 52H13U Motorola 52C Motorola 52C3 Motorola 51F12
Motorola 50XC Motorola 50XC4 Motorola 41B12 Motorola 41-EA Motorola 10Y1 Marconi 100
Lafayette E63 Knight B10507 Kadette K25 Clockette Globe 532 Globe 532 Gillette 105
Gillette 105 Gilfillan 5-T General Electric L570 General Electric L-573 General Electric H-633 General Electric 534
General Television 47 Garod 1450 Garod 1450 Federal 1030 FADA 659 FADA 652
FADA 652 FADA 652 FADA 5F60AR FADA 116 FADA 115 FADA 115
Emerson U4B Emerson EP375 Emerson 564 Emerson 400 Emerson 400 Emerson 400
Emerson 352 DeWald B-512 DeWald 440 Detrola 218 Detrola 197 Pee Wee Coronet C-2
Clarion AC-220 Century 412 Balkeit 42E Jr AWA Fisk Radiola R52 Automatic Tom Thumb Jr Atwater Kent 667
Arvin 532 Air King A-600 Addison 5F Zenith 5-R-686 Temple (New London) F-301 Stewart-Warner 126-2
Sparton 931 Simplex Universal RCA 66X7 RCA 65U RCA 7-EY-1JF Radiola 32
Radiola 28 Patterson 106-AW Packard-Bell 5-AE Pilot 43 Philco 204 Philco 57
Philco 57 Philco 39-6151 Motorola A1N-23 Motorola 79XM21 Motorola 65T21B Majestic 50
Knight H9807 Jackson-Bell 86 Grunow 670 General Motors Little Corporal Galleon 8 General Electric L-630
General Electric 63 Firestone S-7426-5 Federal 1540T Oriental Emerson CF-255 Emerson BM-258 Big Miracle Emerson 826
Emerson 574 Emerson 250-AW Electronic Laboratories 2701 DeWald Dynette Detrola Pee-Wee Crosley G-1465
CRC Jewel Coronado 585 Bendix 526 Atwater Kent 42 with E2 Speaker Atwater Kent 32 Arvin 957T
Admiral 169-5D Air King A-650

Photos donated by Mark Toppo.
Visit Mark's web site at

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