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Photographs contributed by Jim Wassell

Commodore 1450 RCA 9-BT-9E Clarion C103A Crosley 9-118W Meissner 9-1085 Motorola 67XM21
Philco 41-120 Tele-Tone 185 Sparton 5A3C Soundesign 1150C Motorola A19W RCA 12AX2
RCA 8-X-541 RCA C-2FE RCA 6-BX-8 General Electric C416-C Arvin 50R65 RCA 9-X-571
Emerson CY-286 General Electric C2418A General Electric GD-60 General Electric 115W Emerson 34C Emerson 138
General Electric 547 General Electric 480 RCA 9-X-641 Halson CR53 FADA L96 Zenith H-723Z
RDR Corp. 500 Philmore 205A General Electric K-53 Philco 49-506 Philco 37-62 Philco 39-7
Emerson 30AW Arvin 732 Motorola A4W Motorola 69X Mitchell 1261 Mitchell 1274 Bel Aire
Motorola 5H11 Halson 606 Grundig EL-2320U FADA 454 Farnsworth ET-066 Bulova 610
Motorola A8J-25 Silvertone 1905 RCA 8-X-681 Silvertone 5016 Philco 46-250 Philco 41-255
General Electric L-653 Firestone S-7402-8 Zenith 7-S-633R Silvertone 3141 Silvertone 125 RCA 9TX33
Crosley 52TF DeWald H-537 Detrola 568-1 Admiral 5A32 Silvertone 6016 Sentinel 331-I
Stromberg-Carlson 1000-H Zenith 7H918 Zenith 7-G-02 Airline 04BR-511A Automatic P-57 Admiral 6Q12-N
Detrola 108 Zenith 5-D-610 Westinghouse H-392T5 Westinghouse H-210 Westinghouse H-715T5 Arvin 444-A
Farnsworth ET-064 Emerson 440 Crosley 648A Bendix 526E Motorola 55C Motorola 53R
Zenith H724Z2 Zenith B513F General Electric 408 Crosley G165 Admiral 4203-B6 Arvin 160T
Zenith XD50G General Electric 419 Philco E-184-124 Emerson 811B Motorola C33WK Arvin 442
Zenith R512Y Zenith R521Y Zenith Z524 Zenith F508B Zenith H-511W Zenith 510R
Zenith 7-H-920 Zenith Z512Y Westinghouse H-629T4A Westinghouse H435T5 Sentinel 343 Sylvania Catalina
Admiral 7T10E-N Sparton 6AM06 Arvin 664 Knight 5015 Philco 40-120 RCA 66X11
Emerson 565 General Electric P-880A Airline 1660 Sentinel 1U352 Emerson 333 Motorola C15-JK
Motorola A2P Philco B574 RCA 3X532 Goodyear Wings 582 Crosley 10-127 RCA 16X1
RCA 14X Detrola 5D1 Arvin 5583 Trav-Ler 5356 Trav-Ler 5002 Emerson AL130
Philco H691-124 Silvertone 7227 Arvin 12R23 Emerson 708B Emerson 708B Jewel 955
Emerson 31L-85 Westinghouse H338T5U Truetone D-2226 Motorola 67X General Electric 518 Arvin 440T
Emerson 301 Silvertone 6421 Westinghouse H-128 Monarch (Japan) Imperial 88 General Electric 547PH Northern Electric 5000
RCA 45X-17 Trancel UL-518 RCA 4-X- 646 Motorola 57W General Electric T128A General Electric T125A
General Electric T-104A General Electric 427 Emerson 671 DeWald D-519 Airline 65 Admiral 5T38N
Admiral 5S21A Westinghouse H-816L5 Westinghouse H-125 Silvertone 8022 Silvertone 1003 Sylvania 548
Sentinel 1U363 RCA 7T-5 RCA 6X2 Regency TR-1 Philco 53-564 Philco 49-904
Motorola A25W Motorola 56X1 Jewel 910 General Electric T-127A General Electric L-641 General Electric 114
General Electric 50 Emerson 924 Emerson 456 DeWald A-502 Crosley B548A Bulova 120
Bendix 65P4 Admiral 5G32N Admiral 5D4 American Bosch 460A

Photos donated by Jim Wassell.
Visit Jim's web site at

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