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Challenge Radios Beginning with "Z"

Here are all the Challenge radios in the Archives with manufacturer's name beginning with the letter Z.  In those cases in which one model number is listed more than once, there were apparent variations in color, dial style/color, knobs, or year of manufacture in the images provided to the Archives.  Mouse-over the dot next to the model number to see a thumbnail image of the radio.  Click on the dot to see full-sized photograph(s) of the radio.  If you have any of these models and would like to send a series of new photos for the Archives, please do!  To see a different group of radios, click on a letter below to see radios beginning with that letter.

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         <- Zaney-Gill Music Box (1931) - Ben Martin
         <- Zaney-Gill Supertone - Mark Toppo
         <- Zaney-Gill Vitatone - Mike Simpson
         <- Zephyr (Japan) ZR-620 - Gary Ball
         <- Zenith 1-R - John Goller
         <- Zenith 2-M - John Goller
         <- Zenith 4-B-131 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 4-B-132 - Sonny Clutter
         <- Zenith 4-B-231 - Ben Martin
         <- Zenith 4-B-317 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 4-B-437 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 4-D-613 - Tom Neely
         <- Zenith 4-F-133 - Art Hoch
         <- Zenith 4-F-153 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 4-F-227 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 4-F-231 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 4G903-Y (1954) - Steve Tardi
         <- Zenith 4-K-331 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 4-K-515 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 4-K-535 - Julius Peitsch
         <- Zenith 4-R-314 - Thomas Grondin
         <- Zenith 4-T-26 (1935) - Ben Martin
         <- Zenith 4-V-59 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 5-A-01 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 5-A-07 - Unattributed
         <- Zenith 5C01 (1946) - Al Guy
         <- Zenith 5-D-2611 (1942) - Cliff Colson
         <- Zenith 5-F-233 - Randy & Sherry Guttery
         <- Zenith 5-G-03 - Terry Schwartz
         <- Zenith 5G401 - Glenn Lawson
         <- Zenith 5-G-438 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 5G500 (1948) - Steve Fullmer
         <- Zenith 5-G-534 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 5-G-537 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 5-J-247 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 5-J-255 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 5-L-228 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 5-M-02Z1 - Thomas Grondin
         <- Zenith 5R09V - Unattributed
         <- Zenith 5-R-086 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 5-R-236 - Dave Hurt
         <- Zenith 5-R-237 (1938) - Bill Wheeler
         <- Zenith 5-R-680 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 5-R-686 (1942) - Mark Toppo
         <- Zenith 5-R-886Z - Tim Sullivan
         <- Zenith 5-S-22 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 5-S-237 (1938) - Bill Wheeler
         <- Zenith 6-B-129 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 6-D-326 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 6-D-336 - John Goller
         <- Zenith 6-D-425 (1940) - Joe Verville
         <- Zenith 6-D-520-W (1940) - John Hartman
         <- Zenith 6-S-254 - John Goller
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